2017 Fantasy Baseball Rankings – Batters – Week 13 Edition

We now sit at the half-way point of the season with rookie Aaron Judge sitting on top of the fantasy baseball rankings, ahead of names like Joey Votto, Paul Goldschmidt and Bryce Harper. Judge’s performance to date has been nothing but stellar as he’s hammered out 27 homeruns while batting .327 with 6 stolen bases. His 70 runs and 62 RBI’s, has him on pace for record breaking numbers. Can he maintain this level of performance? Honestly…… No!

His high K rate, mediocre contact rate and inflated BABIP indicate that a trip back to earth is most likely in order. If that isn’t enough, his 40% HR/FB rate should put the icing on the regression cake to come. Buyers beware and sellers prepare your offers, the time is now and the time is right to sell (unless you’re in a dynasty league of course).

As we look at the top 10 skill players in this week’s fantasy baseball rankings for hitters, hands down, Joey Votto takes the award. His 1.44 walk to strikeout rate combined with his 87% contact rate and a BABIP that’s well under his career norm says there’s much more to come this year. Another top pick that many would not have guessed at the start of the season is Jose Ramirez. His skill set, power and speed potential scream elite from my perspective. My only knock on Ramirez is a lower than pleasing walk rate which indicates a slight lack of patience.

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