2017 Fantasy Baseball Rankings – Batters – Week 16

Rookie, Aaron Judge continues to stay atop the fantasy baseball rankings here in week 16 of the 2017 baseball season. His near unbelievable power doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon either. I’m still finding it surprising that his batting average remains north of .300 considering his poor 68% contact rate accompanied by a 30% strikeout rate. I’m going to stick with original prognosis here stating his batting average will surely regress as the fantasy baseball season wears on. However, expect his power numbers to remain in the elite zone as well.

As we round out the top ten in our fantasy baseball rankings for this week, elite core skills are rising to the top with Bryce Harper, Jose Altuve, Joey Votto, Charlie Blackmon and Paul Goldschmidt sitting below the Judge. This group of players is seeing and hitting the ball extremely well. In fact, this group of players,are all on track to hit at or above .300 and on pace for 30+ homers each. As an fantasy baseball bonus, Altuve and Goldschmidt are on track to steal 30+ bases as well. Anthony Rendon, George Springer, Daniel Murphy, Jose Ramirez and Nolan Arenado round out the top 10 in this week’s rankings with all of them showing off some pretty good core skills to go along with their exceptional performances so far this season.

The fantasy baseball rankings table below provides you with the top 150 hitters based on standard 5 X 5 rotisserie  scoring format. As always, your feedback and comments are always welcome so feel free to provide your opinion below. If you’ve found this article to be helpful, feel free to share it as well. Until next week, good luck with all your fantasy baseball teams.

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