In week 6, Bryce Harper tops the fantasy baseball rankings as he continues to pound the baseball all around the field and over the fences as well. Although his BABIP of .419 and .512 wOBA are clearly not sustainable, his core skills are right in line with previous years. So, while some regression (returning to earth) can clearly be expected, Harper is still in line to be one of the top batters in fantasy baseball as this article indicated at the beginning of the 2017 season.

As a group, we can see that, overall, the cream is beginning to rise to the top as the fantasy baseball season progresses as some of baseball’s best like Trout, Goldschmidt, Votto and Bryant are climbing their into the thick of the fantasy rankings. Some surprises at the top of the list include Freddie Freeman, Eric Thames and Aaron Judge.

So as we the cream starting rise, we’re still seeing some hitters at the top whose skills may be a bit questionable. Players like Mark Reynolds and Miguel Sano who both boast 20%+ strikeout rates while contacting the ball at a lowly sub 70% rate should be falling to earth in the coming weeks. Be on the watch for our upcoming article where we examine the fantasy baseball rankings top 25, separating truly skilled from the currently lucky.

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