Fantasy Baseball Rankings for Pitchers – Week 13 Edition

If you own any of the pitchers in the top 15 of this week’s fantasy baseball rankings for pitchers, consider yourself lucky. The performance matches the skills without flaw in just about all cases. Chris Sale still owns the top spot, but Kershaw and Scherzer have climbed right on his tail with no signs of letting up anytime soon.

Jeff Samardzija continues to surprise a bit as he sits in fourth place. What’s even more surprising is that his skills actually point to improvement. His stellar K/BB rate overshadows his good, but not elite K/9 rate. His BABIP is a bit elevated and hist LOB% is quite low compared to league norms. I’m guessing there’s room for more down the second half stretch. If you get the chance to buy low, jump on it.

My personal list of unexpected pitchers in to be in the top 20 of the fantasy baseball rankings include Luis Severino, Jimmy Nelson and Lance McCullers. My personal pick still remains with my preseason pick, Chris Archer. His numbers are right in line with his skills and I expect him to compete for the remainder of the season.

Be sure to leave your comments and feedback below and feel free to share this article as well. Until next week, good luck with all your fantasy baseball teams.

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