2017 Fantasy Baseball Rankings – Pitchers – Week 16

Looking at week 16 in our fantasy baseball rankings for pitchers, we again see Chris Sale completely dominating the number 1 spot as he’s done now for 13 consecutive weeks. He now has 200 strikeouts with 10 weeks left to go in the fantasy baseball season. If you were lucky enough to snatch him up your 2017 fantasy draft, consider it the best pick of the draft regardless of what round you got him in. Looking into his stats, we see almost 13 K/9 with under 2 BB/9 while maintaining a swinging strike rate of 16% and first pitch strike rate of 67%. His 2.48 ERA is fully backed up by an xFIP of 2.65 indicating his skills are spot on and he’s not just getting lucky.

The remaining top 5 include Scherzer, Kershaw, Chris Archer and Corey Kluber. The skills of this group are no joke either. With the exception of Archer, all xFIP’s are south of 2.75 with, K/9 near 11 with BB/9 south of 3.00. Archer seems to be only pitcher in this group that may a bit on the unlucky side when it comes to actual numbers like wins and ERA, but hang in there, his skill set sits right up here with the rest of the top 5.

Note, that as of this writing, Clayton Kershaw has hit the DL due to back issues and will surely drop from the top 5 since he’s expected to be out at least 4-6 weeks.

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