2017 Fantasy Baseball Rankings – Batters – Week 8 Edition

The fantasy baseball rankings report for week 8 just a shade over the 1/4 way mark finds us realizing that in the end, skill wins out over luck just about every time. As noted in our previous rankings reports, we like to look closely at the BABIP and wOBA numbers because more often than not, it’s these numbers that tell us whether or not a batter is swinging over or under his head. Although there are still some wOBA numbers that are riding higher than normal, the BABIP numbers are leveling off and with that leveling we start to see the best in the game rising to the top of the ladder.

Mike Trout, Bryce Harper and Paul Goldschmidt round out the top 3, although it’s obvious at this point, Trout isn’t going to remain there due to the injury he sustained on this thumb, (expected to miss 6-8 weeks). With that aside, we can see that the skill numbers being exhibited by to top players further proves that skill wins out over luck most of the time.

My players of the week go to Trout and Harper. Trout because his 2 week surge from 4th to 1st was based on an unbelievable power surge where blasted 5 home runs while maintaining a batting average north of .350 and still stealing bases on the side. Harper, on the other hand, just remains extremely consistent after 8 weeks. He’s been in the top tier of fantasy baseball hitters each week so far, and based on that, he deserves a top nod.

On the newcomer side, Aaron Judge, Michael Conforto and Eric Thames still shine with excellent numbers although I question they have the core skills to remain in the top elite tier. Another honorable mention goes to Joey Votto, who’s super-elite plate skills have many wondering if he’s capable of striking out this season. No player in the top 20 has a better K/BB rate. His 1.37 rate is elite beyond comparison and when you factor in that is BABIP is lower than normal and his power numbers are still strong, I would place my bet on him to continue this trend and remain in the top 10.

As always friends, your comments, feedback and sharing are always welcome so feel free to comment below and share this article with your friends. Until next time, good luck with all your fantasy baseball teams.


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