Week 11 – All Star Fantasy Baseball Team

Batter Review

In week 11, we find the powerhouse that is Aaron Judge sitting atop the fantasy baseball all-star hitter leaderboard. Judge quietly (not really), blasted another 5 homeruns, batted .448, stole a base, and went double double in runs and RBI’s this past week as he makes a serious claim for slugger of the year award. However, if we look deep into this skill set, we find many reasons to worry. For starters, the 25% K rate partnered with a lowly 59% contact rate brings back memories of Adam Dunn and more recently, Chris Davis. On the year, Judge has a K rate nearing 30% and a contact rate just south of 69%. Couple this with a BABIP on the year of .423, I think owners of Judge should be ready for slide back to earth in the 2nd half of the season. Just sayin’!

On the skills heavy side, Mookie Betts, Matt Carpenter, Gary Sanchez and Brian Dozier all had excellent fantasy baseball weeks backed by skills that support their effort. All of these guys held K rates at or below 10%, walk rates at or above 10% with contact rates well above 85%. In addition, their BABIP numbers are in-line with career norms which indicates to me, that they’re all on the buy/own/play list for me.

I’m also going to give a shout out to rookie Cody Bellinger. His 6 homers leads the pack and while his skills don’t scream elite, they are good enough to take notice. It’s also good enough for me to continue keeping him in my lineups.

Be sure to check back weekly as we’ll continue to post our all-star fantasy baseball team each and every week throughout the baseball season. As always, your comments and feedback is always welcome, so feel free to comment below or share this content with others.

Fantasy Baseball Week 11 All-Star Hitters

Week 11 – All Star Fantasy Baseball Team

Pitcher Review

As the season goes on, we really are seeing the cream rise to the top. Week 11 is no different as we find, yet again, Chris Sale, Max Scherzer and Carlos Martinez at the top of our fantasy baseball all-star pitching team. All three of thes aces went +10 k/9 with BB/9 rates under 2.5 and xFIP all at or under 3.00. This is elite ace material we’re talking here. What’s more, Sale and Scherzer are making appearances at the top of the week fantasy baseball all-star pitcher teams on a regular basis. If you’re lucky enough to own either or both of these guy, count your fantasy baseball blessings.

Other notables include Alex Wood and Gio Gonzalez, who are quietly coming into ace form as the long fantasy baseball season wears on. Although, their K/9 rates don’t jump off the page, the elite control they possess along with sub 3.00 xFIP numbers tell us that they appear to be for real. Another surprise to make the fantasy baseball all star pitching team is releiver, Kenley Jensen. In week 11, Jensen fired 7 strikeouts in just over 4 innings pitched, while not allowing a walk or homerun.

As always, your feedback, comments and shares are always welcome, so feel free to join in the conversation anytime. Good luck with your fantasy baseball teams in the coming weeks.


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