Week 14 – All Star Fantasy Baseball Team

Batter Review

This week’s team of fantasy baseball all stars feature a trio of Astros, a couple of Indians and a handful of other star batters who combined for:
28 Home Runs
87 Runs
76 RBI’s
6 Stolen Bases
.450 Batting Average

While George Springer and Jose Ramirez combined for almost 25% of the counting stats this week, my skills award goes to Max Kepler and Bryce Harper. Both of these guys exhibited outstanding patience at the plate along with near elite contact skills. Both Harper and Kepler had K rates under 5% with walk rates exceeding 10% while maintaining contact rates at or above 85%. The same cannot be said for Springer and Ramirez.

While a week’s sample size isn’t much to go on, I still like to focus more on the player who exhibit the maximum amount of skill while making the fantasy baseball all star list compared to those who get there with less than a acceptable skill set. If you’re interested in seeing the year-to-date stats, feel free to check our fantasy baseball rankings.

Be sure to check back weekly as we’ll continue to post our all-star fantasy baseball team each and every week throughout the baseball season. As always, your comments and feedback is always welcome, so feel free to comment below or share this content with others.

Fantasy Baseball Week 14 All-Star Hitters

Week 4 – All Star Fantasy Baseball Team

Pitcher Review

While the win total only tallied 4, this pitching staff combined for a sub 2 ERA along with a sub 1 WHIP and an estimated 10 K/BB. The most impressive to me was Dan Straily of the Marlins. Even though he only chalked up a single start in week 4 he exceeded half the 2 start pitchers in strikeouts amassing a whopping 18 K/9 rate for the week and a sub-zero xFIP. His performance was fueled by a 17% swinging strike rate and an 80% first pitch strike rate.

Be sure to check back weekly as we pick up where we left off with our all star fantasy team for week 5. As always, your comments and feedback is always welcome, so feel free to comment below or share this content with others.


Fantasy Baseball Week 14 All-Star Pitchers

The fantasy baseball all stars team for pitchers features some of the usual suspects, (a.k.a.- Scherzer, Sale), along with a couple notable pitchers that deserve a bit of focus due to their outstanding skill set exhibited in week 14. Namely, Rich Hill and Kevin Gausman are pitchers in my skill set sights this week.

Let’s start with Gausman, who normally isn’t seen here in the fantasy baseball all star pitching team, (at least not this season up until week 14). Although his ERA doesn’t show it, his total points accumulated got him on the list and the skills he put on display deserve some attention. Gausman had a K/9 rate of 13.1 with a BB/9 under 2 (1.64 to be exact), without giving up a home run in 11 innings. Gausmann also had a swinging strike rate of 13% with a first pitch strike rate of 75%. What elevated his ERA was a BABIP of .393 and LOB rate of 57%, both well under league averages. Keep an eye on Gausman as his last 2 outings have been stellar. He’s a much play when he’s not pitching in homer prone parks.

Rich Hill on the other hand had very similar numbers to Gausman when it comes to K/9, BB/9, SwStr% and F-Strike%, he was blessed with BABIP and LOB% luck. This drove his ERA and WHIP to microscopic levels of under 1.00 for both. proving the relevance that BABIP and LOB% plays on the fantasy baseball stats.

The remainder of the all-star team for pitching this week is mixed bag of skills and luck, but overall, excellent performances by all. As always, your feedback and sharing is always welcome, so feel free to leave your comments below. Until next week, good luck with all your fantasy baseball teams.



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