Jason KipnisThe latest fantasy baseball related injury news out the Cleveland Indians camp is that Jason Kipnis may not make the opening day roster for the start of the 2017 season due to continued shoulder discomfort. As reported in an earlier article by The Fantasy Baseball Report, Kipnis continues to be hampered with a strained rotator cuff that was originally down played by Indians manager Terry Francona at first reporting of the injury.

Now it seems that if Kipnis was one of your fanstasy baseball draft targets, you may want to begin considering potential alternatives for your top second basemen pick. As we warned earlier, a strained rotator cuff could become a lingering drain on a players’ ability to perform at maximum level. Kipnis is not a stranger to injury as he’s met the DL 3 times in his career:

Hamstring – 2011
Oblique – 2014
Right Shoulder Infammation – 2015

Considering that we now have a diagnosis of rotator cuff problems in the same shoulder that sidelined him in 2015, we may be seeing a developing pattern here that shouldn’t be ignored. Francona still insists that Kipnis could indeed play DH as originally scheduled against San Diego today and could also play at second base.

Given the history and the latest news from the Indians camp, you may want to temper your expectations for Kipnis and begin to look elsewhere for your second basemen at your 2017 draft. Most risk averse people would probably agree considering the potential for missing time at the beginning of the season, there is a liklihood that recovery time and the lack of spring training conditining may limit early season output which could hurt your fantasy teams’ output, thus limiting your first place chances.

The Indians aren’t the deepest in the league when it comes to the infield. As it looks now, Erik Gonzalez and Ronny Rodriguez may benefit from any extended time off with Kipnis. Another option may be to move Jose Ramirez to 2B and use Gio Urshela at 3B. With that said, it’s safe to say that the Cleveland infield will definitely suffer without the service of Kipnis for any extended period of time.

Your comments to this article are always welcomed below and feel free to share with article with anyone who may be impacted by this news in their upcoming fantasy baseball drafts.

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